ViewRanger- award winning mapping GPS app.

  • December 5, 2013

ViewRanger, a free outdoors mapping and GPS app for Android and iPhone, has just been named the winner of the ISPO award (Awarded to the most exceptional sporting goods) in the mobile apps category and has been chosen to represent the best of British mobile technology on the UKTI stand at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

And just today it has been named as one of the best apps of 2013 on the Google Play store!

What does ViewRanger do?

ViewRanger, for Android and iPhone, is a complete mapping and navigational app for outdoor enthusiasts that allows you to create your own routes or downloads routes from a map database. The app works even when you cannot get a mobile signal making it invaluable when you are out in the wilderness, and is so trusted it is often used by professional search and rescue teams.

Record and share your adventures

ViewRanger allows you to record and share a mapped route of your adventure complete with key stats such as distance, speed and altitude, you can also attach photos via Flickr and use Twitter to create a trip diary. There is a large and ever growing ViewRanger community to share all your adventures with, you can even share your real time location with your friends using a feature called ‘BuddyBeacon’. You can register with the ViewRanger community here.

viewranger-1Built in Sports Computer

ViewRanger also incorporates a comprehensive sports computer with many customisable features such as speedometer, altimeter, trip time, pace against target and navigation direction. The ‘TripView’ option lets you monitor real time stats across a range of metrics with the option to view the information as a graph, dial or plain text.

Free Global Maps

ViewRanger comes with free global maps for you to use, showing different environments such as urban maps, cycle maps and ariel maps, so wherever you are in the world, you will know exactly where you are!.. there is an in app option to purchase official Ordinance Survey maps if you require them. You can get ViewRanger free on both the iPhone and Android.